Daily Prompt:1: False-Bitter Truth, Sweet Lie

Todays daily prompt is False.
Thinking of false I thought to write about this what could be the reaction of ladies to a lie.
Oh! yeah I could read all your minds now yes I have the same thought, its obvious that men are really confused to make us happy.
But I hope very few men get to handle this in a pretty way. All we need is just the sweetest lie and also the bitter truth in the correct place and in the correct way.

These relationship goals are not for men but also for women.

Lies we Love:

All humans love to hear some lies especially girls which makes them special. So to show them  that they are the special person in your life use your sweetest lie to make them happy.  Even thought they knows its a lie they will be more happy to hear that.


“You are the beautiful woman I have ever seen” 

“You are the most talented guy I have ever seen”

Lies we hate:

As much as the humans love the lie they also hate hearing lie.  Confusing rite, true but its simple if you really know the situation where to lie and give the truth. Just to make yourself safe from a situation never lie. If you think its wrong and you are hiding it with lie is the first start to spoil your relationship. Asking an apologies and saying the truth maybe guard your relationship.


“What is done in darkness always comes to Light.Secrets and Lie kills relationship”



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