Daily Prompt:2: Glass-Sunglasses

Hi Ladies,

I been thinking for a nice topic and the daily prompt gave me a good topic Glass. Lets have a small discussion about the Sunglasses to cheat the hot summer. I love to wear sunglasses in all seasons and it reduce my burden on eye makeup ;).   A sunglasses really changes the look of the person. More than looks protection is more important so check for 100% UV protection.  But if we choose a sunglasses  which doesn’t match then its a mess.


Face Types:

First step of selecting the sunglass is nothing but finding our face type I will be writing a detailed post on the face type sooner but before that we just need to know the basic face types.


  1. Oval
  2. Square
  3. Round
  4. Heart
  5. Oblong

Oval Shaped Face:

Beauties with oval shape would preferably can select any shapes of glasses as they have equal proposition on either side of the face it looks great.


Square Shaped Face:

Angels with square shape can go with narrowed frames and the frames must have width with depth Strictly avoid squares and rectangles. Ovals and oversized round glasses are advisable.


Round Shaped Face:

Mermaids with round shape pick the Square and Rectangles please avoid round and oval. Give the angular shape to the sunglass to support the face.


Heart Shaped Face:

Cuties with heart shape can try Aviators, wrap goggles, Cat eye frames and our ultimate aim is wide top to maintain the pointy chin great and soften the wide forehead.

heart images

Oblong Shaped Face:

Pretties with oblong shape can enhance your look with wide frames, decorated rims or detailing on the temples and we always have to try to make the face to be wide and small so please avoid small frames.

oblong images

Basic Tips:

  1. Please be more concern about the UV protection which is the real use of our sunglass.
  2. Don’t contrast your eye color and the color of the lens, brown eyes with brown lens.
  3. Sunglasses shape should not match your face shape, as square with square lens should be avoided and use round.
  4. Check out the size don’t try oversized and also dramatically small one.



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