Daily Prompt: 3-BON VOYAGE-Pack up soon

Hi Everyone,

I dont have much on Journey experience.  But I have my ideas on getting packed for a journey. Lets check out what all we need to pack for our joyful journey. I am not a organised person but here if I miss anything it would be a big problem and I cant enjoy my trip as expected.  So spend some time to check list and packing.canstockphoto6120147.jpg

Make Up your mind:

Before planning for a trip or going for a trip do that from your inner joy. I personally think that if people is not ready for their trip they forget more and make the trip even worst.  So plan your trip with more joy and enthusiasm.

Check List:

I would prefer everyone to write down the needs the day before packing.  I say day before since you can bring many needs in your mind in that 24 hours before packing.  This check list can reduce half the amount of your time.  I really dont like writing down and checking for it.  But it really worked save my time but more than that I didnt miss anything..:D


Bath Essential:

Yes your right! it depends on where you go.  Some people use the bath materials provided in the hotels.  But I always prefer taking mine because I dont know the ingredients provided in them and also don’t know if they work for my skin or get me into some skin allergies.  So its your choice,

  1. Bath Soap/ Shower gel.
  2. Lofa
  3. Brush
  4. Paste
  5. Body Lotion to apply after shower
  6. Nail Cutter and filer.
  7. Shampoo/Conditioner.
  8. Scrub
  9. Makeup Remover with cosmetic cotton pads
  10. Razor (if needed)

images (1)


Makeup Essential:

Its the one where all ladies dont make mistakes.  And here comes the list.

  1. Face Wash
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Sunscreen Lotion (more important)
  4. Foundation (may be your BB creams or some fairness creams)
  5. Compact powder
  6. Blender (if necessary)
  7. Eye Liner/ kohl
  8. Mascara/ Eyebrow pencil
  9. Lip Gloss (with SPF)
  10. comb/hair clips
  11. safety pins


Medical Kit:

Please dont avoid this, pack your daily supplements pain killer sprays and for fever and cold, some bandaid which are some basic one.

images (2).jpg

Inside your Bag:

Choose the bag not so big and not so small according to the days you being for a trip.  Dont take more luggage just take as per the requirement.  Try to fit the Bath essentials & medical kit in a small pack and keep them inside your travel bag.


  1. Pack all your clothing,towels.
  2. Always have a umbrella as it doesn’t take much space.
  3. Get some extra pair of socks
  4. Girls don’t forget stole cloth matching your dress.
  5. Avoid expensive dresses. (if not necessary)
  6. Keep some money hidden inside the bag.
  7. Choose bag with a lock.

Fill your hand bag with your make up essentials.  And with all this in addition try taking a

  1. Sunglass
  2. cap or a hat
  3. flip flops (extra)
  4. Belts
  5. Please make sure you took all the necessary documents for your travel (if necessary)
  6. Dont forget your wallet.
  7. Camera

All set now open up the check list and check everything you took.

Hope I didnt forget anything above.  This will help us to have a stress less journey for sure. Enjoy each and every moment in your journey.

Safe Journey!!!!!!




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