Women Carry the best

Hi Everyone,

Its really a gap between my previous post and this.  Lets see the daily prompt is,Carry.  So let me carry on my post about the biggest requirement of our life.

They say life is too short.  And yes I believe that too strongly.  But what I have in my thought is, what’s a life?

Question Unanswered:

Let’s assume if I been chosen for a job I have to complete and fulfill the requirements expected from me.  And here I am not religious and I am not atheist.  Let me consider my self as a small child yet to get formed inside a mother’s womb.


The first question is why I been chosen as such a species. And what should I do when I am independent (outer mother’s womb).  What’s my job I need to complete and what’s all my requirement.  Who could say this and how I will know that I finished my job of my birth. And no one has the answer for this questions.  So as there is no one to say we ourself assign the jobs for us.  So no one can be blamed.



The Power:

Lets form a hireachy ,

External Force—–>Mom—–>Child.

So lets go from the back, lets take the child first the child coming out of mother has is only trust on Mother (not even the external forces).  So if a child needs to be assigned the job it seeks help of its mother.  But its the duty of the mother to give child the good way if not the child chose its own path.   If then how does a mother know what exactly need to make the child in good path.


Yes!!!! the nature plays the role here, Every girl is special because the nature has send us as a in charge to assign jobs to the people in this world as they make take wrong jobs and suffer.   To make this the nature made women super strong, super smart, super powerful being in this world.  And she has more burden in her to keep her path and also keep the people path who are connected to her.

Under estimate:

Never under estimate yourself think we have the power to change anything into anyway.  The nature chose us just because we are the capable person, you may not be supportive to your family, you don’t know to cook, you don’t know to do any stuff whatever, just have one thing in that your a woman.  Nature chose you to be the power. So stop underestimating yourself and stand up with the power.

dark portrait


As you have the power the responsibility to be carried in more.  So please be carry your responsibility carefully and powerfully.  The next generation is just waiting for your path, be the light for the path and make the world more peaceful and great place to live.


The world is behind you!!!!!



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