Hi Everyone,

I am here to discuss about the Flip Flop for our style during the summer days.


 We usually prefer summer for these type of flip flops for our style, so as the celebrities.


This makes the look so cool.

Preferring the flip flops:

These flip flops mostly suit all the dresses except formals..:P .  So to give your look so casual we can choose the flip flops.


These flip flops are coming with designer can also be used even for the best occasions.


All that means is just the comfort for wearing.  And yes we prefer these for our comfort during summer mostly.

Heading to the beach I hope your most preferred wear is the flip flop as it would be easier on the sand no mud stuck up and irritates your feet.


How to choose a flip flop:

Lets go deep into this as, we all prefer something easier, carefree and fashionable to our look.  I like flip flops as I could wear them and just have a walk no big deals feeling free no hitching nothing makes me feel happy independent.

And its more important how you choose you flip flop because more people nowadays having issue in choosing the correct type of footwear and which ends up to back pains.  So its more important for us to pick them correctly.

Here it goes, hmmm ya we prefer flip flop for 3 important ( major) reasons,

  1.  Easy, carefree, independent
  2. Fashion goes with all
  3. Cost effective

So in this case Rubber and plastics are more cost effective but they are not much good to walk with for a long distance.  Unfortunately most flip flops come in rubber and plastic so how we gonna deal with that.


Ok let me have a simple plan, just take the flip flop you selected bend them. If you got to bend the center part easily better avoid them for long walk, they might surely cause you pain.  It is fine that the front part can be bend as its gives you the support for the walk.


Care Taking:

Mostly in India we have every time we go out of the home we wash our legs before we enter, its a matter of hygiene.  And as for as the flip flop concern your legs are open and its good to wash your legs after you been out with your flip flops.

Massage your legs, once you get back to home and give them warm water happiness for 10 minutes.

And if you been with the flip flops which is not good to walk with ( bend at center) better avoid long walk.

Have a great and pride walk!!!!!


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