Hi Everyone,

‘THE Eyes ARE THE INDEX OF THE MIND’ this is proverb which we all knew, so as good as your mind then so that it gets reflects in your eyes.  famous-celebs-flip-flop-jeans

And also we have the saying that Eyes speaks everything than words, so hence the eyes is so being the attractive part of the human face.  So make yourself more attractive we need to take extra care on the eyes.

Problems we face and home remedies:

So now we see the major problems and their remedies below,

1.Dark Circles:

Yes!! the major problem of every girl is, this Dark Circles, this makes your look so tired what ever the costly makeup or what ever costly dress you wear the dark circles under your eyes drops them all down.dark-circles-under-the-eyes

This is due to the insufficient sleep and not being healthier. So remedies,

  • Almond oil is the great way to start, use the oil make a gentle circle around he eyes, and leave them over night, vitamin E rich helps you to get the dark circles reduced.  We can also try Coconut oil same as almond oil.
  • Use honey and jaggery paste applied in a very gentle circular motion around the eyes for 5 minutes and then wash of with cold water and just moisture with the above step.
  • Cucumber slices, will work fine on the dark circles, in which we have to chill the slices for 30 mins and then keep the on eyes for 10 mins.  We can also use the cucumber juice and lemon juice mixture by applying with the cotton balls.(if you find irritation with lemon avoid them)
  • My mom’s all time favorite is, wrap the ice cubes in a cotton towel just keep them on your eyes. “Ice on the Eyes”:P
  • Eveyone’s first choice is potatoes, yes it can be made as paste or even as jucie and been applied around the eyes to make them disappear.
  • Tea bags (green tea works preatty well) also a nice remedy make them chill and keep them on the eyes till you feel they got dried and make them chill again and use them.Do this twice a week.
  • Turmeric and lemon can be made as a paste and being used for 10 min if you feel them so irritating please wash them off and avoid this.
  • Tomato can be paired with lemon juice and can be used for about 10 mins for remedy.

2. Puffy Eyes:

The puffy eyes are not attactive and it drags down the beauty of the face, and we need to get rid of them mostly the eye problems are caused by the no proper sleep and not healthy diet.  These are mostly heriditary and hence if they never disappears we have to go via the cosmetic surgery to reduce them.255754_bf51f9a9-14b4-4ff6-950b-82951a7b71a9

So lets look into the remedies,

  • Keep the towel in freezer for 20 mins and keep them on eyes.
  • Cucumber is also effective for puffyness so please follow as the above procedure.
  • Tea bags are also effective in this case.
  • Make a slice of strawbberies and apply the juice under the eyes as it has alpha hydroxide.
  • Aloe vera works fine on the skin below the eyes to reduce the puffiness.

General tips to take care of the Eyes:

As I told earlier the eyes makes more difference in your look.  So please be sure about the care is more to be taken.

  • The very first remedy is nothing but sleep well. The easiest and more effective than anything.  So get 8 hours sleep which also a great remedy for the mental health and gives you fresh look in the morning.  Avoid late night wakeups.
  • The next is reduce using the laptops, watching TV and phones in dim light. Keep us the distance.
  • Eat healthy, add carrot, greens, sweet potatoes, cirtus fruits, bell peppers and papaya frequently on your diet.  Health is beauty.  More healthier you are more beautiful you look.
  • Drink plenty of water.  Many have redness in the eyes, which is mainly less water content in the body.
  • Use the sunglasses which are dark which helps your from the sun damage. Invest on good sunglasses which has UV protection check of the tips on sunglasses, Daily Prompt:2: Glass-Sunglasses.  While swiming please use the goggles and its must to be used as the outside/pool water contains chlorines and also has some baterial and fungal so please take care of your eyes.
  • Use lubricative eye drops free from preservatives.
  • Reduce the alochol and smoking which thin down the blood vessels near the eyes which reduce the blood flow.
  • The skin under the eye is more thin and sensitive so please dont rub harshly and use towels on them harshly.  Use the soft cotton and rub gently to wipe up.
  • Once you back home never forget to remove the makeup both eye and face makeup which is more necessary.
  • Invest good amount of money on eye product because the skin around them are so sensitive and the product which we use shouldnt harm them.
  • Use of olive oil to remove the make is great natural makeup removal way.
  • Daily morning take the eye exercise.

Eye Exercise:

Do each exercise below for 20 sec,

  • Firstly Blink your eyes so fast.
  • Close the eyes so tightly.
  • Make full rotation of your eye ball.
  • Move your eye ball to the left and right.
  • Rub your hands closing eyes with gentle press.

Take care of your eyes, which is the window of your mind.



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