Hair Re-growth

Hi Everyone,

I have really important topic which we are gonna check out for discussion. Its all about regrowth of hair, let us look upon the hair routine which I followed really shown great improvement in all the ways.

Long straight hair

I will give one of the best method I follow.  This can be done twice a week, if you have really damaged hair add this with part of your hair routine.

The Ingredients:

I am greatly obsessed on the oils nowadays rather than any costlier products or other ingredients. And its nothing but the Castor oil. And I add some almond oil as the Castor oil is much thicker.  Adding Vitamin E tablets will add the total oil with greater in Vitamin E.

Details about our Ingredients:

  1. Castor Oil:   The main ingredient of our routine.  It well know source of the ricinoleic acid , a monounsaturated fatty acid, which has the anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties.                         cold-pressed-castor-oil

    Almond Oil: This is rich in the Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc, same as the castor oil it is also anti inflammatory, emollient which is used for moisturizing, Cicatrizant which helps in healing process and anti dandruff properties.20140726110635873587Vitamin E: Nothing more on this as its rich for the hair grown process induce the regrowth of hair.38926187-cms

Now add two teaspoon of Castor oil, one teaspoon of Almond oil, and with two capsules of vitamin E tablets.

How to apply:

Now section the hair and make sure the oil get into the scalp for best results and also make sure the oils spreads the length of the hair till the end, so as to reduce split ends and for good shining in the hair.  Keep this for 2 to 3 hours and now wash your hair.  Be sure your wash your hair nicely as the castor oil is thicker it would be

And I am sure this will gives your hair all the nourishment and hence helps for regrowth with shiny and manageable soft hair.

woman with bare shoulders happily raises his thumb up

Have a healthy hair!!!!!





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