Hi All,

Today I want to review about a shampoo which really helped me on my damaged hair.  And this is my first review on the products hope will try doing such reviews in future.  Fine, let us start then…:).

Important this be noted twice:

1.Cost: 22$ / 10.1 fl.oz


About: L’Occitane which is a french company.  Founded on 1976.

They say us:

“A silicon free shampoo that helps repair, strengthen and protect dry and damaged hair”

This contains an anti-breakage complex made with 5 essential oils and plant-derived amino acids, which helps in repairing the hair fiber, for strong and shiny hair.  Its formula also helps smooth hair scales and envelops even the most fragile hair in softness.

Inside the bottle:

There goes a long list please see below image for details. It’s been told that 5 essential oils have been used inside.


What really happens:

I have been using this for about 8 months and this is really working for me, and my hair type is dry. This shampoo is like colourless semi-liquid in the form which is mild and it’s not too mild, it helps to work on the oiled hair in two washes. It lathers well.  And the fragrance is mild and pleasant.


This works on the dry hair and dry scalp which reduces the hair fall.  And for the oily scalp and hair, it’s won’t be much as a saviour as for the dry one as it would make them more oily.


It is packed in the plastic bottle with a flip cover.It’s a translucent bottle and we get refill also.



My suggestion in numbers:

  • Doing what they claimed:3/5( it works for the dry hair and not does well for oily hair)
  • Smell: 4/5
  • Packing: 4/5
  • Cost: 2/5


Major disadvantage cost is high and doesn’t work for oily hair.

Personal Opinion:

I surely make this a try as it reduced my hair fall and also work well on my dry hair.





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